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Why choose our wedding professionals for your perfect ceremony? As the preferred wedding officiants for Atlanta Bridal Magazine, here are just a few of the principals which set us apart.  This is good stuff.

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When you Google "Officiant Near Me " we appear as the top ranked service for metro East Atlanta. Our Free Quote Policy lets you get an immediate No-nonsense No-obligation No-ripoff price. This allows the Bride and Groom to work with a set  budget.

We Will Match and Lower by 10% Any Written Quote

Ask about our “Match any Written Quote and Reduce by 10%” Policy". This is what we have done since 1978.  We earn your trust. And when we sign for your Marriage you can trust that a Board-Certified Officiant will be signing and you will be legally married.

You Can View Our Gwinnett Elopement Chapel

Our Gwinnett Elopement Chapel is available now to meet your matrimony needs. We have the most qualified Mobile Ministers who can travel to your location on short-notice. Our specialty is a Same Day Atlanta Wedding Ceremony. The Gwinnett Elopement Chapel is conveniently located adjacent to the Gwinnett County Courthouse.

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Our officiants never sleep and are ready for you 7 days per week including weekends. Reach out now and receive your No-cost No-obligation Free Quote.  Always know when you Google "Contact Us" you will get the Best of the Best.

How to Find and Hire the Most Requested Wedding Officiant in Atlanta, Georgia

Here are some tips to look for in searching for your perfect Atlanta Wedding Officiant.  The term Officiant can also mean Marriage Minister, Justice of the Peace, Judge, or Chaplain.

Officiant Descriptions

There are common phrases used by the most successful and experienced officiants.  It helps to look for these leadership traits in a successful wedding officiant. Some are as follows: Professional Wedding Officiant References Provided; Official Certified and Licensed Wedding Officiant; How to Officiantly Get Your Marriage Validated; Officiants who Also Do Large Formal Wedding Ceremonies; Free Quote and Advertised Discounts; Check Out our Online Reviews; Located in Same Location Over the Years; Radio and T.V. experience; We can Come to You; Meet in Advance for Mutual Pre-Screening; Bridal Fairs and Venue Recommendations. Also, the invite to "Contact Us Officiant Near Me" reflects a warm and welcoming engagement glow.

Wedding Officiant or Wedding Minister?

There is a difference between a wedding minister and a wedding officiant.  According to Wikipedia, a wedding minister is "a person authorized by a church or other religious organization to perform functions such as teaching of beliefs; leading services such as weddingsbaptisms or funerals; or otherwise providing spiritual guidance to the community. The term is taken from Latin minister ("servant", "attendant").[1] In some church traditions the term is usually used for people who have been ordained, but in other traditions it can also be used for non-ordained."  One of the religious rites the minister perform is the Holy Act of Matrimony.

Wedding Officiant

However, a Wedding Officiant can be either clergy or civil non-clergy.  According to Wikipedia this is one who is a civil celebrant or civil officer such as a justice of the peace who performs acts of marriage or civil union. These are independent civil celebrants certified by the government. They are required to undergo a course of training for at least 26 weeks. They are encouraged to provide ceremonies of meaning and substance. Their main legal responsibility is to witness the consent of the intended spouses for the wedding license and hence validate the marriage or civil union for legal purposes. Their main social and cultural responsibility is to create ceremonies which engender respect for the institution of marriage."  This is somewhat an offering of church vs. state in the business of matrimony.

Lastly, the Final Answer

In conclusion, just like as with any service you might be looking to use, it pays to do your homework. Always know who you are hiring prior to the wedding ceremony.  Please visit us with any questions and grab a quick Free Quote now.

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